Gifts for Body & Mind
O Olga Imbriano

Gifts for Body & Mind

Oct 5, 2019 · affirmation · affirmation cards · Body and mind · essential oils · sport · yoga
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Looking for gifts that lift and strengthen body and mind? Gifts that are unique and hard to find in normal stores?
Want to support Australian owned businesses?
Bellelis have teamed up with several Aussie owned companies who are offering specials, exclusive to Bellelis customers. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to purchase something special and support local businesses.


Company:  Crystal Smelling Salts

Product: Rejuvenating Crystal Smelling Salts

A visually stunning product containing Himalayan pink salts, blissful essential oils and purposely picked crystals. Rejuvenating is specially designed to help you refocus and restore your mood naturally. Keep the beautiful jar on your desk or in your handbag and simply take 2-3 deep inhales to renew your focus.

Aussie Made, Operated and Owned 

Price:  $49.50

Discount offer: We’re offering 10% off! Use code XMAS10



Company: Mood Traders

Product: Happy Human

Needing some inspiration + motivation? Who doesn’t! In this pack you have 30 cards with inspiration + good vibes. Pop them up around your home + use them as your daily motivation. They will make the perfect gift this Christmas!

Australian Made and Owned

Price: $29.95 

Discount offer: 10% using code XMAS10



Company:   Chasing Planner Peace

Product: 2020 Planner Bundle

This flexible planner system will make 2020 the year you finally get organised.  Our 2020 bundle contains a cruelty-free planner in your choice of 8 designs and our most popular refills and accessories to see you through 2020.  Customise it by adding more refills from our range of over 200 kinds including a budget, meal plan, household management and more.  

Aussie owned and operated

Price: $99.90

Discount offer: Free shipping



Company:  Me Time Just For Me

Product: Me Time Journal

The Me Time Journal is a collaboration journal between Me Time Just for Me and My Mindful Year and is full of mindfulness activities, journaling pages, gratitude, colouring in and much more. This 148 page journal is perfect for a little Me Time.

Price:  $34.95

Discount offer: 15% 



Company:  Meridian Essentials

Product: Goddess

Honour. Respect. Accept. Release the Goddess within. An aromatherapy blend, sweet & floral with citrus notes to empower every woman, guiding their inner Goddess to release into the world. Feel in love with your mind, body and soul, feel confident, powerful and like you hold the world in your hands. 

Price:  $15

Discount offer: 10% - Coupon Code AUSSIE10



Company: Canvasmat

Product: Eco Yoga Mat

A piece of art on a mat. Inspiring watercolor designs hand-painted in Australia. 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber that provides great cushion and recyclable microfiber suede that gives you an excellent grip and a washable surface. Suitable for all styles of yoga, pilates and mat exercises.

Designs are hand-painted in Australia.

Price: $125

Discount offer:  DISCOUNTCANVAS20  to get the 20% OFF



Company: Peaceful Lotus

Product: Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 

The Lotus Mat and Pillow work by stimulating increased circulation on your problematic areas, helping to relieve muscle tension and pain, while at the same time rejuvenating and rebalancing the whole body.

Aussie Owned and Operated

Price: $119

Discount offer:  code "Christmas2019" for 15% off storewide 



Company: Australian Natural Protein Company

Product: Why protein powder

Whey protein powder blends for health conscious people. Only 4 ingredients, no nasties or cheap fillers. Backed by science.

Australian made and owned

Price: $79

Discount offer: 20% discount code: XMASGG20, free shipping



Company:  ALT Active

Product: Action Back Singlets

Long A-line Action back singlet with scooped hem with the addition of an earphone cord control loop at the right shoulder. Designed for a Flattering fit, modesty and comfort.  Sizes 10-20 in Colours Hot Pink, Black, Coral, Jade, Carbon

Australian Made Garments, Australian Owned and Operated Business

Price: $54.95

Discount offer: WELCOME10 for 10% off and Free Shipping within Australia. (flat rate international shipping)



Company:  Matcha Yu Tea

Product: Matcha Tea Shaker Set

The Tea Shaker was invented in Japan as an easy, fuss free device to make a quick cup of Matcha easily. Traditionally a Bamboo Whisk is used to make Matcha however the Tea Shaker allows people around the world to enjoy frothy Matcha Green Tea without needing to know formal Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is packed full of antixodiants - over 137 more than found in a cup of regular green tea in fact! Home compostable packaging made in NZ.

Australian owned business

Price: $49.95-$69.95

Discount offer:  10% off - XMAS10



Company: Aria-Bella Rises

Product: Animal Wisdoms; Messages to ignite the soul

The Animal kingdom has so many messages to impart to us. Allow yourself to be swept away by their wisdom. Designed to open daily to a page and enjoy the positive and uplifting message. It is time to ignite your soul with the help of the animals.

Aussie - Designed, operated and owned

Price: $14.99

Discount offer: to get 20% off use code: AUSSIE



Company: Sumavi

Product: Noosa Lagoon Turkish Towel

Our Noosa Turkish towel in Lagoon takes you on a journey from sailing the Greek Islands to lazing by a lagoon. Lightweight, yet incredibly absorbent and fast-drying, this towel is perfect for traveling, beach, poolside, sarong or the gym. Due to it's flat weave design, you can also leave the sand where it belongs, as just give it a shake and the majority of the sand comes off.

Aussie: Owned & operated

Price: $39

Discount offer: 10% off entire order CODE 'TAKE10"



Company: Keriologia Candles

Product: Palo Santo

Our Palo Santo candle is 100% natural. We only use the essential oil, which is distilled from the natural resin of the wood. 
Palo Santo is known for its healing qualities and cleansing properties. Use to cleanse your space or as part of your meditation and yoga practice. 

Handmade in Australia using 100% pure soy and Palo Santo essential oil.

Price: $29.95

Discount offer: 10% use code  VIP10 during checkout


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