Olga the Mum-Boss

We are so happy that you are here.

Hi, I’m Olga, mum of two brilliant girls and founder of Bellelis (read Bell-elis). Bell (me) + elis is a combination of my daughters’ names. Don’t ask me what will happen if I ever have a third child.

My (hi)story in a snap. 

Born in the Czech Republic – I had my first daughter – never planned to live anywhere else – fell in love with an amazing Aussie (now my husband) – moved to Australia – had my second daughter – started Bellelis – and still loving every bit of it.

Let’s extended it a little bit.

With my second child born, I realised again how quickly those tiny humans grow. After buying my third set of bodysuits in 2 months, I remembered using handy extenders with my first daughter. 

Don’t you love nice fitting clothes? I’m sure babies do too.

The problem I found with her bodysuits was that she would grow in length first, fitting nicely around the body but being too short to button up. Going up a size felt like I couldn’t even find my baby in the big, loose bodysuit. The simple yet brilliant solution extended the length and time of use.

When I shared the idea with some of my friends, they got super excited straight away. One has a long boy and the second is using cloth nappies. I realised so many more mums could benefit from this clever idea.

40 in 1 year.

Did you know that the recommended amount of baby bodysuits for a newborn is 5-7pieces? Babies change size up to 6 times in the first year of their life. That is 30 – 42 bodysuits in 1 year. Using extenders and skipping a size completely can reduce this by half.


So many benefits for a product that I couldn’t find in Australia.

I couldn’t find them anywhere in Australia and purchasing from overseas meant the risk that the buttons wouldn’t match with Australian brands. My newly discovered passion for sewing got me thinking that I could make them myself for me and my friends. Finding the right snap buttons was the real challenge. After trying all the buttons in Australian shops, I knew I had to look elsewhere. What better place than where all these brands manufacture their products. Placing my first minimum order of 1000 snap buttons was the real start of Bellelis.

Impact on our planet

At Bellelis, we keep in mind the impact we make on our planet. 

There is a lot of waste that is produced around our bundles of joy and we would love to help reduce that. Buying less clothes and using reusable products means less waste. Organic products that are kind to us and our planet.
We have made a conscious effort to ensure our packaging is plastic-free and made from recycled materials, in which the bare minimum is used.


For mums from mums. 

Bellelis is not only about extenders anymore.

We love clever baby products and we love supporting other mums and their small business.
Our product range is growing, offering meaningful and helpful products for mums and their babies. Reusable products that will lower the amount of waste.

We have been having so much fun along the way. Let’s empower mums in business together.

With love and smiles.

Olga (the Mum-Boss)