Parenting can be hard, so why not try to make it easier? 
O Olga Imbriano

Parenting can be hard, so why not try to make it easier? 

May 20, 2020

Olga at Bellelis makes and stocks so many amazing products that I have found helpful in my journey through parenthood so far. However, today's glory is all for those bodysuit extenders. 

During the early stages, my baby was long. I was constantly going through bodysuit, after bodysuit, trying to find one that would fit! When I had a crying baby, that was the last thing I wanted to be doing. The bodysuit extenders were an absolute game-changer. No more pulling through clothing piles and no more having to redress the baby after discovering the buttons couldn't each. It became as simple as attaching it to the three buttons. 

As bub grew, we were finally able to use the cloth nappies we had brought. Some of the nappy brands we use have some bulk to them, but who doesn't love a bulky cloth bum? Now let me tell you, those bodysuit extenders sure do come in handy! I didn't have to worry about sizing up or trying to fiddle with doing up an insanely stretched out bodysuit. 

So far, it has allowed us to double the life of our bodysuits. Let me show you! 

First Photo: 3.5 months old, disposable nappy, 3-0 bonds singlet suit


Shortly after this photo, our OSFM cloth nappies started fitting our bub nicely. This meant that not only was he gaining weight, but he was also gaining bulk from the cloth nappy. 

Photo 2: 8 Months old, cloth nappy, and the same bonds singlet suit 

If you were wondering about the quality of the extenders, I can show you that too. In the pictures below is the same black bodysuit extender. This extender has been used and washed many, many times 

Photo 1: 4 Months old

Photo 2: 8 Months old

The bodysuit extenders come in a range of beautiful fabrics. With so many printed pretties to choose from, there's something for everyone! If you've thought about getting these, definitely give them a go. Not only are you supporting a work at home mum, you're also supporting others! Olga sources all her supplies within Australia with the exception of the buttons. This helps to support both small and large Australian businesses. 

If you'd like to try these extenders for yourself, use code Kimberley001 to receive 5% off storewide

Kimberley Ross - Bellelis Brand Ambassador  

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