5 Top Benefits
O Olga Imbriano

5 Top Benefits

Jun 19, 2019

Snap & Extend baby bodysuit extender is helping many parents extend their baby's bodysuits. 

From time to time we are asked, Why do I need these? Or why to bother with extenders if I can get a bodysuit for the same price.

So I put together a list of benefits that bodysuit extenders bring. 

Here are the TOP 5:

  1. If you decided to use cloth nappies with your baby, you know that they are a lot bulkier than disposable nappies. Being able to button up bodysuit over cloth nappy can be quite tricky, so you usually have to grab one size up bodysuit. Which results in a too big and loose bodysuit. Adults love well-fitting clothes, and I think that babies do too.
  2. Is your baby long? You are probably facing the same problem. Going through sizes in bink of an eye.
  3. So many of us have their favourites. And I don't mean our kids. 😉 You know that special bodysuit that you wish your baby would never grow out of? It won't last forever, but at least you can add a few months of wear.
  4. Did you ever shop for a new mum or mum to be? It can be tricky with clothes as you are not sure how big the baby will be and what season it will need it for. Even experienced mum find this task quite hard. I think that the best go-to present should be clever, useful, reusable and unique. Do you agree?
  5. Fast fashion is taking over our world and with babies, it is always a bit tricky as they grow out of everything so quickly. If extenders can help reduce that by skipping a size of bodysuits or allowing you to use bodysuits through multiple seasons. So you don't need to rush into the store in the middle of winter for a new set of long sleeve bodysuits if you could still use the ones you have at home for few more weeks or even months.


Do you have any other that you would love to share? Please comment.

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