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Vanilla Bean - natural deodorant (15g or 50g)


The 'Vanilla Bean' natural deodorant is made from organic Queensland Vanilla Beans. To obtain this amazing earthy vanilla botanical, the Vanilla Beans are infused in coconut oil for months, no alcohol is used here.

Please note: This is the REAL deal! It's not the same as the 'sweet' processed vanilla scent we're all familiar with. Instead, it can be described as an 'earthy' vanilla fragrance, with a hint of honey (from the beeswax).


  • 100% naturally derived, safe, non-toxic ingredients.
  • Highly effective odour protection.
  • 100% plastic free.
  • No animal testing.
  • Aluminium free to let your body breathe.
  • Free postage Australia wide.
  • 100% happiness guarantee.

      Best way to open our new flat 50 gram tins:

      1. Lie the tin flat in your palm
      2. Twist open with your other palm

      Wooden Spatula:

      Some people like to scoop out their deodorant with a wooden spatula prior to application. Others just use their fingertip. You can select to receive a free wooden spatula with your deodorant order. 


      • Massage a tiny 'pea' size amount under each armpit, once per day
      • Let it absorb before putting on your clothes
      • Remember LESS IS BEST!

      How long will it last?

      Our 50 gram tins contain approximately 3 months worth of application, while our 15-gram tins will last 3-4 weeks (based on one application per day).


      • Raw unrefined virgin coconut oil*
      • Ethically sourced shea butter *
      • Sodium Bicarbonate* 
      • Tapioca*
      • Premium liquid coconut oil
      • Locally sourced beeswax
      • Natural Vitamin E
      • Australian Vanilla Beans*
      • (* indicates certified organic)

      Handmade with love in Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

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