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Swim Nappies - Mimi & Co

The coolest bum in the pool or at the beach.


  • The adjustable snap system ensures that these swim nappies are designed to fit most babies from newborn to toddler (3.5 to 15kg), saving you a lot of money on disposables.
  • Fast-drying – the fabrics that make up the swim nappy allow it to dry extremely fast (1-2 hours with wind and sun and within a day if not).
  • You don't need to use anything else; no liners, inserts or cloth nappies necessary. This swim nappy is all your baby needs for a fun day in the water!
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Instructions for use of our one size Swimming Nappy

  1. Adjust the waist snaps and hip snaps accordingly for a snug fit.
  2. When soiled, remove the swim nappy, plop out any solid poos into the toilet and place it into your pail liner or waterproof wet bag, ready for washing.

Our premium quality reusable swim nappy with its 100% PUL Polyester outer shell and soft nylon mesh lining is designed for easy washing.

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