Super Boober Pregnancy Tea

Are your pregnancy symptoms making you feel sick, bloated, and tired? Try a cup of our Super Boober Pregnancy Tea blend and start to feel human again.

Made with a unique combination of 100% organic herbs, this blend:

  • aids in settling your stomach
  • reduces bloating
  • reduces nausea
  • reduces fluid retention
  • boosts relaxation
  • relieves anxiety
  • boosts energy levels
  • is packed full of the nutrients needed throughout your pregnancy.

It is a rich and fragrant tea that is suitable throughout your entire pregnancy.


Ginger – has been used since ancient times as a traditional remedy for gastrointestinal complaints. Various studies have evaluated ginger as an effective and safe treatment for nausea and vomiting in the context of pregnancy. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, aids in digestion and contains a wealth of antioxidants. It also helps to lower blood sugar levels and ease muscle soreness.

Lemon Balm – has a calming effect and helps relieve irritability, insomnia, and anxiety.

Chamomile – is known to have a calming effect and help prevent colds and other illnesses.

Peppermint – Drinking peppermint tea while pregnant can have an uplifting effect. It is high in potassium and is a good source of manganese, copper and vitamin C. It also helps ease morning sickness, is a safe, natural way to treat coughs and cold during pregnancy, helps with indigestion, heartburn and bloating and relieve headaches.

Rosehip – is high in vitamin c, aids in collagen production help to relieve constipation, build immunity and helps with blood circulation.

To brew:

Fill half a tea infuser with Super Boober Pregnancy Tea mixture. Place into a teacup, add boiling water and allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes (depending on your preferred tea strength). Enjoy.

45g = 20 – 25 cups

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