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Soap Dish - Block Dock

She's a beauty with a coat in many colours so you can select whichever works best for your heart and home. Monochrome may be easy on the eye, but for pops of colour combinations are the go. Our palette is chosen for its mix-and-matchability. We encourage creativity in the shower and would love to see your combos!

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This Block DockTM  is 8.45cm wide, 5.6cm tall and 4.3cm deep and weighs just 25 grams. It fits bars up to 3.8cm in depth – the shortest side of your bar. Place your bar at the front of the Block Dock when new, let it lean to the back as it changes size and shape with use.

Wides are an especially good fit for Ethique shampoo and body bars, Ecostore shampoo and conditioner bars, Mia Belle haircare and body bars and most other bars from when they are new and until their very last sliver.

The Block Dock comes with a pvc suction cup for mounting to clean surfaces that are smooth and non-porous (acrylic, non-coated glass, mirror, vitreous china, many smooth shiny tiles but not all).  Wet the back with water before sticking. 

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