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Single Shell Snap Nappy GroVia + 2x No Prep Soaker

GroVia™ Single Shell Snap

Need to expand your stash of GroVia™ Shells?  Looking for a super trim cover to go over fitteds or prefolds?  Now you can buy our highly acclaimed GroVia™ Shell by itself.  This is our popular GroVia™ Shell WITH 2x No prep Soaker Pads.  These are the perfect, trim cover over trifolded prefolds and most fitted nappies. 

The GroVia™ one-size nappy is a revolution in cloth nappying. Our innovative shell design minimizes nappy waste and cost.

 Fits 3.5 to 14 kgs.

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  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less nappy rash
  • No Dioxins
  • They’re cute

Inner Body: 100% Polyester Mesh
Outer: 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU


 Care Instructions


  • Adjust rise snaps and snap in soaker.
  • Change outer shell twice a day and inner as needed.

Washing GroVia® Shells

  • Place soiled shells in a dry nappy pail -no soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent.
  • Hang dry shells (high heat causes excess wear).
  • Tumble dry soaker pads and boosters.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.


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