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Nappy Repair

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REPAIRS TO OPEN 01.02.2022

Does your nappy need a bit of love, and a needle and thread, so it can serve you for many more months?

We provide all basic nappy repairs, including:

  • fixing loose leg elastic
  • replacing old elastic
  • fixing flap, belly or back elastic
  • closing broken seam
  • replacing velcro
  • KAM snap replacement

See the description box below on how to order.

From 01.02.2022 we will be placing a max order cap on SEVEN (7) shells per order. This is to ensure we can assess and repair orders in a timely fashion. 

Disclaimer: Be aware that some companies will void your customer warranty on fixed nappies. If the nappy is still in the warranty period, please contact the brand before repairing your issue.

Please ensure that ALL nappies are clean and stain free prior to postage. Nappies are infant toilets, and our staff have the right to work in a clean and safe workspace. If nappies arrive in an unsafe state for repairs, we may charge you extra for cleaning.

All repairs will be returned with a complimentary Bellelis Wash Routine card.


Some brands of MCN need specific repair selections based on how their elastics are sewn into the shell. Some of these ways require more time and materials in replacing, and this is reflected in the cost. Here is a list of brands which need specific selections:

  • Alcmena V3/3.5 (<June 2019) - Sewn in Elastics
  • Alcmena V3/3.5 (June 2019-June 2020) - Elastic Anchors
  • Alcmena V3/3.5 (June 2020>) - Sewn in Elastics + Elastic Anchors (to be assessed per order)
  • Alcmena V1/1.5 - Sewn in Elastics
  • Bubblebubs Candies - Sewn in Elastics
  • Designer Bums AI2 - Sewn in Elastics
  • Econaps AI2- Sewn in Elastics
  • Mimi & Co Originals - Sewn in Elastics
  • Monarch Ultimate - Sewn in Elastics
  • Monarch Classic - Sewn in Elastics
  • Wren & Myrtle Essentials - Elastic Anchors

If your nappy needs multiple things fixed, add all items that need repair to your cart. For more nappies, add more items to cart. On the cart review page, please include a brief description in the 'notes' box of your individual repair needs.

All orders will be assessed when nappies arrive, and you will be contacted if the repairs exceed the paid amount. If we fix it faster, we will partially refund what you paid extra.

Nappy repairs are mostly hand sewn and require skill and time. 

Once you place your repair order, send your item(s) to; 

Bellelis Eco Family
Shop 5b, 3 Carleton Street
Kambah ACT 2902

Not sure what needs to be fixed and you would like a quote before placing the order? Contact us at info@bellelis.com.au

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