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Need an extra lid or your ones need a replacement. We know that kids sometimes bite what they shouldn't. 

Bamboo lid:

Our eco-friendly bamboo lids with water-tight seal is da bomb-diggity! We’re stocked up #justincase you ever need a replacement for our Montii. Oh and FYI, the bamboo lid and sports lid can be used interchangeably, pretty rad we know.

Sipper lid:

Tip him up, and let it flow! Thirst waits for no-one. Our MontiiCo Sipper Lid, allows more H2O - faster! Our Sipper Lid can be used interchangeably with our Mini, Original and Mega Bottles - pretty rad we know. lids are leak-proof when closed, but don't leave them open or the water will flow!

Active+ Lid:

He's tough. We've taken our Sports Lid and made him heavy duty!

With a faster flow, reinforced inner, and removable parts for easy cleaning. This guy can take on thirst with ease. 

Oh and FYI all of our lids can be used interchangeably, that's pretty rad we know!


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