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Fudgey ORIGINALS 3'n'1 (OSFM) nappies - Fudgey Pants

Fudgey Pants cloth nappies designed in New Zealand to take you from birth to potty with one functional great looking modern nappy.

Soft microsuede lined with a PUL cover keeping little ones dry

This is a shell only, but you can purchase extra absorbency inserts HERE. Or scroll down, choose from here and save. 

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Fudgey Pants flagship OSFM from 3kg up to 18kg nappy designed to take you from birth to toileting and beyond for overnights! Unique Fudgey ORIGINALS 3'n'1 design incorporates an AIO for newborns, AI2 if you like the ease of snap and go and a pocket for those that prefer to stuff giving you the most cost-effective flexible approach to nappy your way. These nappies really show their strength on children from 18mo to 4+yo, when most others are starting to fail.

Being a one size fits most to accommodate for the largest weight range size and the ability to have 3 additional inserts fit into the pocket giving you a total of up to 18 layers of absorbency these can seem bulky on smaller babies - don't worry its not an issue, bulky nappies have been used for years to help remedy hip dysplasia, and it's natural to have excess fabric as it has to go somewhere! :)

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