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Face mask HEPA filter (set of 5 or 10)

Our handmade HEPA filters fit perfectly into our face cloth masks. They are made from Electrostatic HEPA sheets that are usually used in - Modified air purifiers for household air conditioners, fans, air circulation fans, air conditioners, exhaust fans, fans, etc.

Filter material is breathable and can effectively isolate particulate pollutants greater than 0.2μm in the air, and the dust filtration efficiency of 0.5μm can reach more than 95%.

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The filter needs to be put inside of the mask, between two layers of fabric.

Can be used multiple times, dry properly when wet from condensation. Change filters when washing your mask. 

Do not wash the filter.

Material: 100% cotton


Article about homemade filters for cloth face masks HERE and why we choose to use HEPA filter sheets.

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