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Bellelis Cloth Sanitary Pads - Handmade

Our cloth pads are a cost-effective product to use during your cycle, but also importantly, will keep damaging waste out of the landfill- preventing thousands of disposable pads, tampons, and liners out of the garbage or flushed into our seas.

The Cloth Pads are lightweight, soft and durable and provide comfort, whilst offering ultra absorbency with a layer of a dry feel microfleece

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Light Flow Pad - Liners (1x Layers of Absorbency - bamboo terry) is designed short like a panty-liner, and is super lightweight and suitable for light leaks and daily wear and light post-partum incontinence. Length 20cm.

Regular and Medium Flow Pad (2x Layers of Absorbency - bamboo terry) is suitable for Medium flow and daily use, being longer than panty-liner in length. Length 23cm.

Our Cloth Pads consist of a water-resistant anti-leak base layer of PUL with wings designed to snap fasten around the base of underwear for security. The inner absorbent layers are made from high absorbent bamboo terry fabric and then are topped with super-soft microfleece for a stay-dry feel and comfort against sensitive skin.

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