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Bare Cub - All In One (AIO) cloth nappy

Starring stunning outer fabrics, plenty of absorbenc and just one piece with no assembly, our All in One (AIO) is a popular option for busy parents wanting to use cloth nappies. 

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  • Waterproof PUL or Minky outer in a range of stunning prints.
  • Microsuede lining to keep your little one feeling dry.
  • Three rows of adjustable snaps, allowing it to fit from 3.5kg-16kg approximately.
  • No assembly with all pieces sewn in.
  • This nappy teams a thirsty pad of sewn in, fast drying microfibre with a 3 layer bamboo 'flap' that folds out for easy drying.
  • For newborns, fold the flap into the bottom, or fold over at the top to have a great fit from birth to toilet training.


Check out our optional tri-fold night booster which can be used to convert the Bare Cub into a brilliant overnight nappy.

The tabs have three snaps to stop wing droop. The nappy is a trim fit so it fits perfectly under clothes.

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