Sustainable Way To Buy Baby Clothes
O Olga Imbriano

Sustainable Way To Buy Baby Clothes

Jun 4, 2019

We found this interesting article about a smarter and more sustainable way to buy baby clothes, and we think it's brilliant.

It has some excellent points that are gentle to the environment and your wallet. 

  • Take the community approach - find second-hand clothes and then hand them over to other mum 
  • Buy as needed - This needs a bit of self-restraint, but you will save a ton (of both money and wasted textiles) in the end.
  • Choose Quality, Clean Garments
  • Opt for Gender Neutral - If you plan to have more than one baby, you will find this very useful.
  • Get Smart About Sizing - For bodysuit use our extenders, and you can cut the number of needed bodysuits by half.
  • Upcycle When Possible 


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