Cloth in Winter
M Morgan Thomas

Cloth in Winter

Apr 12, 2021

Let’s Talk MCN: Cloth in Winter

Washing MCN in winter is slightly different than the summer months. Inserts take longer to dry, and all of a sudden you’re not getting a good clean. Many new parents also struggle to find warm clothes that fit over a cloth butt. With the winter months fast approaching, these tips and tricks will help you combat the winter blues.

Grow With Me Pants
Many WAHMs make GWM pants and clothing. These items fit a larger age range, often from 6mo-4yrs. As GWM clothing is designed to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes, using MCN becomes a breeze. These items are a larger cost upfront, but considering they can fit for around 4 years (or more) that cost works out cheaper in the long run.

Sizing Up
If you’re shopping in a bricks and mortar store, sizing up is probably your best bet at finding bottoms to fit over a cloth nappy. Unfortunately a lot of the mass manufactured clothing is designed with the incredibly trim disposable nappy in mind and doesn’t take the slightly larger cloth nappy into consideration. There is also the option of shopping in the “boys” section if you’re a girl mum. “Boys” clothing is often larger in the same numeric size, so you may find that “boys” clothes fit better over your fluff butt.

Sleep Time
Nighttime is often a struggle to keep warm, especially in winter. A TOG rated winter sleep sack is an option a lot of parents use, as they’re basically a sleeping bag and pyjamas in one. Being a sack, there’s no restrictions on the size of your boosted night nappy.

Woolies are another popular option, especially in the GWM variety. These are made from knitted wool, or upcycled wool blankets. Wool is a poor conductor of heat, meaning it will trap the air heated by your body next to your skin and keep you warmer. Another bonus of wool is that it’s water resistant, these can be used with fitted nappies and you won’t need to worry about a waterproof cover.

Snapped singlets with shirts and pants over the top will keep your older child warm, and not require full outfits to be removed at change time. For younger infants, bodysuits with dual zips or press studs achieve the same results.

Some parents also notice a difference in washing MCN in winter. The colder temperature water in the pipes can cause an issue in washing powders and boosters dissolving. To solve this, dissolve them in warm or hot water prior to putting into your machine.

Thick inserts, especially night nappy inserts, can take a while to thoroughly dry without the use of a dryer. MCN covers or shells dry significantly faster than inserts, as there are fewer layers of fabric that hold water. Purchasing a few extra insert sets may be a handy way to continue MCN if using clothes horses and octopus hangers.

A small energy efficient heater near the changing space will also help keep the chills away. I remember my babies hated change time and being naked, and we lived in the Northern Territory!

Using these tips, you’ll be able to tackle any issues your winter cloth journey throws at you! 

written by Morgan of @morganaveril.mcn

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