Cloth in Infancy
M Morgan Thomas

Cloth in Infancy

Mar 23, 2021

Let’s Talk MCN: Cloth in Infancy

Cloth from birth or starting days, weeks, or even months in? How do you decide? How do you wrap your head around wash routines and fitting guides? We talk to experienced cloth Mums to get their input on using cloth with young babies.


Birth - 4 weeks
The best tip we received was to research everything, as the more educated you are on cloth with newborns the easier you’ll find making the transition. Read up on reviews about the newborn type you’re considering buying, join VIP groups for added user experience, and watch fit videos. Sarah said that once she wrapped her head around wash cycles, that it’s easiest to get that habit underway whilst pregnant to ease stress while adjusting to life with a new baby. As a Mum of 3, Bronwyn tells us not to be scared of using cloth straight from birth, as meconium doesn’t stain and is water soluble. Once the bulk is lightly rinsed off it can go straight into your machine. Ashleigh states that her use of terry squares and covers in the early weeks had less pressure on the cord stump. The customisation of terry squares meant it healed without much interference, as a lot of newborn types sit higher up the belly and can’t be as easily changed.


1 - 3 Months
Some of the Mums we spoke to said that they felt overwhelmed when thinking of using cloth. That it was daunting and they didn’t want to overload themselves, especially when it’s your first child and you’re trying to stay on your feet as a new parent. Their advice is to simply give it a go, and it’s not as scary as it seems. Even part time a day or two a week is easier than jumping straight in. Sometimes cost gets in the way of using cloth from birth, and a lot of parents wait until their baby is at the golden 5kg mark to use the OSFM range of MCN. These nappies generally last until toileting, so you only need one stash rather than two different sized options. Kathleen writes that it’s okay to not have the best fit with some nappies, because there’s so many different types on the market. Trying a few different brands before finding one that works is something that a lot of parents go through. Other parents choose to start later because life with a newborn is hectic, and that starting cloth when you have a routine and are a little more settled is less stressful for them. Lydia says that pre-folding nappies makes nappy changes more time efficient as she can just grab and go when needed. Asking for a you-specific wash routine in one of the many cloth help facebook groups will also help, as you can ask about your washing machine brand and model from other cloth parents who own the same.


4 - 6 Months
For the parents who started “later” in the game, they all say the same thing; I WISH I STARTED SOONER! These parents (myself included with my eldest) reiterate the sentiments from the above parents; research everything, join VIP groups, figure out a wash routine, and just jump in. From personal experience, babies grow so rapidly in this age bracket that you’ll gain a lot of fitting experience when starting here. Each week they’re a different shape, or they’ve put on 500g and it’s all in their thighs. I really recommend asking for fit help when you need it, as a simple hack like the “chicken wing” can be all the help you need for the perfect fit.

Tips, Hacks, Messages of Support

  • Watch, read, feel as many things as possible
  • Don’t bulk buy while pregnant
  • Reach out for help when needed
  • You’re awesome for even wanting to swap
  • Don’t listen to negative opinions
  • Leaks happen infrequently, but don’t be discouraged
  • Join brand specific VIP groups
  • If you can, get a toilet sprayer
  • Clean Cloth Nappies can help set up a tailored routine
  • Chicken Wing helps your fit
  • Just give it a go

In all fairness, it really doesn’t matter when you start. What ever time frame works for you, your baby, and your family, is the only time frame that matters. Congratulations on making the swap!

written by Morgan of @morganaveril.mcn

Special Thanks to; Amelia Baker, Ashleigh Chester, Bronwyn Ababio, Jade Mitchell, Kathleen Watson, Kaycee Rea, Leena Rose, Lydia Price, Paz Roman, Samantha Clouten, Samantha Fletcher, Sarah Kearines, Sarah Shepherd. Plus all our other lovely VIP members

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